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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

some snap shoot

just now i take my A80 to my mother stored to shooting around.but after i went back and upload to my computer, i found that, the quality is really bad.ISO400 is already been open to take all the night shoot, but is is still shaking.i really hate shaking, all picture is blur. is that something about the image size?i open it to 1600*1200, may be it is needed to be open more longer to capture the detail.from all shoot, only one can be choose to add to the main collection.

pic: just feel that the upper part is best, but the lower part a bit no good. haha, but watever, this is the only best shoot i have today.

-from a camera forum i found a list of camera that their CCD having problem, the CCD can be burn anytime. luckily, my A80 is not in the list. so lucky, last time i didt buy A70 but i get A80, hahaha.

- last few day, use long shutter to shoot a firework that fired infront my house, the result is quite good, but still not perfect. later if i face more firework, i will post it up. hope that shoot is really nice.


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