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GFisH-鱼的心情记事本: troubleshooting windows blue screen by using minidump data

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

troubleshooting windows blue screen by using minidump data

windows blue screen is a common issue in the windows system. there is many possibility that make the blue screen happen. for the hardware part, we can do the chkdsk, ram test and so on. for the software side, maybe we can repair install windows, but some time it won't fix the problem. so, we need to find the main root cause that causing the blue screen happen.

below is the way we identify the main blue screen root cause from the windows minidump data.

minidump is a log file that was recorded while blue screen happen, normally it will located at c:\windows\Minidump  , from the file creation date we can know when the blue screen happened and how frequently it occurred. as the picture below, the last blue screen happen on 28 april 8.55am.

after we located the minidump folder and file, we need a tool to open the dmp file so that we can what had been recorded. the tools use for open the dmp is called "Debugging Tools for Windows", we can get it on

after download and install the debugging tool, we open the dmp file by the file menu>open crash Dump. then select the dmp file you want to read.

there will be a windows within the debugging tools opened up as below.
scroll it until the bottom, then we can see the system file that causing the blue screen. by the information, we can google more detail about the file and after that uninstall the related product and reinstall it back. normally it will be fixed the blue screen problem.

please leave me the comment if you have better solution or better way to perform it.


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